Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (ISO 9001:2001)
The main activities of Ergoform Ltd include designing and building special vehicles,
for which every needed equipment is produced in our warehouse. The size of the staff
is small, and most of our employees are young and talented craftsmen who are
individually trained in order to be able to carry out the special, complex and high quality
work that is required. As a side-activity we produce special steel structures and
platestructures requiring high precision for the building industry.
Our operation is underpinned by the following principals:
1 We construct vehicles that meet the expectations of the customer in an optimal way
2 Our projects are delivered in a reliable, accurate and timely way
3 The organised and decent working manner of our staff builds confidence in our customers
4 Each one of our completed projects serves as a reference for our future projects
5 We expect quality work and products from our suppliers
6 We adopt quickly to the ever-changing nature of the market
7 We constantly develop and implement new techniques in addition to the modernisation of our machinery

Both the management and the staff of Ergoform ltd are committed to satisfy customer’s expectations
and to high quality work.

In order to be able to perform an outstanding work we implemented ISO 9001:2001 Quality
Assurance that we are not only committed to but also eager to improve it constantly. Within the
framework of ISO we set out quality goals that we reach and revise regularly. The employment
of the Quality Assurance System helps to improve our performance.
Budapest, 2006. 05. 16.